Our passion is to help dogs live better lives, by helping owners to gain a better understanding and respect for their canine friends

We currently have two training locations one in Herne in Kent and the other in Salisbury in Wiltshire.

Herne Training ground is located at Canterbury Garden Centre at Herne Common. This location gives owners in Margate, Birchington, Broadstairs, Ramsgate Faversham and surrounding areas easy access to our comprehensive selection of group canine courses. We also offer our Puppy home visits, one to one training and behavioral consultations from Herne.

Salisbury is our new location. We will be offering puppy home visits, one to one training and behavioural consultations and this new location will mean we can offer these services to a wide area including Salisbury, Amesbury, Porton, Downton, Ringwood, Tisbury, Wilton, The Wallops, Stockbridge. Romsey,Tidworth and Andover. Breaking news – Now offering Kindergarten classes at Idmiston Parish Memorial Hall on Saturday mornings


Dedicated Training Venue

Our training venue is fully fenced and secure. We offer training for the younger puppies in our Kindergarten Class as well as  Graded Classes and a Lifestyle Training Course for basic to intermediate dogs.

An option for continuation training is also available with our Club Class with a view to getting the most out of your family pet. There is also a selection of Specialist Courses available and these are detailed on our dedicated page.

Whatever your needs are from a Puppy Home Visit to Lifestyle and Puppy Training courses or a1-2-1 training or Dog Behaviour Consultation. We can provide you with the best service available. Also, training and behaviour consultations are available in your home or in the local park.


What is ‘Lifestyle Training’?

Lifestyle training is when we introduce the distractions that you and your dog face in your daily lives. By introducing them in a controlled manner we can teach both the owner and the dog how to deal with these situations. We show you how to read a dog’s body language and how to use your own body language to communicate with your dog. We create a warm and friendly atmosphere for both dogs and their owners.

Learning can be fun for both and training should never be a chore for either. We do not believe we should put pressure on either the dogs or their owners. That’s why we do not hold difficult tests in our courses, every dog and owner receives a certificate in the last class. We understand how difficult it can be to bring up dogs with children and especially when puppies and children are young. We are family-focused dog trainers and offer practical advice and effective solutions for all dog and puppy owners.

We only use Positive reward based training methods. But unlike many dog trainers these days, we believe that the best way to train puppies and dogs is to use a variety of rewards, not just food treats. Our training methods combine play and toys with understanding of body language and actions. We also use food but not exclusively.  We teach you how to make the most of your dog’s ability in a relaxed and enjoyable learning environment. In this secure environment we can control the level of distraction depending on your own dogs abilities.

All our classes are held outside so we can teach your dog to focus on you with real life distractions; no walking around in circles at the local Village Hall for us!

Puppy Training

Puppies go through several development stages on their way to adulthood.

The goal of any breeder or pet owner should be to take maximum advantage of each sensitive stage by providing the puppy with age-appropriate social and learning opportunities.

  • Between 4 and 8+ weeks, puppies learn best how to interact with other dogs.
  • Between 5 and 10+ weeks, they grow adept at interacting with humans.
  • Between 5 and 16 weeks, they are most able to investigate new environments and stimuli. And in fact, a puppy not given a full range of socialization opportunities by about 10 weeks can develop fear of the unfamiliar.
  • One to One home visits available. Let a professional help you through those vital weeks before your puppies vaccinations.