Our training is designed for both puppies and older dogs. It is based on kind positive and the most effective training methods currently available. We restrict the number of dogs in class to give us a good client / instructor ratio. We hope that you will enjoy coming to our classes as much as we enjoy teaching them.

These policies are written in the interest of safety, responsibility and care both owners and dogs.

1. Harsh handling will not be tolerated. We have a ban on the use of choke chains and other coercive or punitive equipment. Extendable leashes are also discouraged for safety reasons.

2. During your time at our training ground please keep your dogs onto the grass either side of the car parks whilst you are waiting for your lesson. Dogs are required to be kept on a lead at all times. You are required to clean up after your dog toilets. Please ensure that you have a minimum of 3 poo bags on you. Please note all used poo bags must be taken home with you as there is no provision to leave them on site.

3. Towers Dog Training reserves the right to refuse admission to owners and dogs that it considers are unsuitable for training or a health risk to other dogs.

4. Refunds cannot be given after the course has been booked except in exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the instructor.

5. Towers Dog Training cannot accept responsibility for loss, injury or damage to person or property.

6. Towers Dog Training reserve the right to postpone lessons at short notice. Your lessons will be honoured however this will take the form of credit and not a refund.

7. Although we endeavour to start each lesson on time there may be occasions when there is an unavoidable overlap with an earlier class. Please assist us by ensuring that you arrive in good time before the start of the lesson.

8. Children are very welcome to attend classes. Indeed they are often the best handlers. However it is a legal requirement for young people under the age of 16 to be accompanied by an adult. Children who are distracting the dogs may be asked to wait on the outside of the training ground. Parents are urged to advise their children regarding safety and greeting unfamiliar dogs.

9. Dogs that are not in a fit state to attend training due to illness may not be brought to class. Please do not bring your dog to class if they have been in contact with another dog that has a contagious disease. For example kennel cough. Bitches in season are allowed to postpone their classes (usually 3 weeks ). Please note there will be no refunds for this.

10. Please ensure that you maintain a safe distance between your dog and fellow classmates when arriving, during class and when leaving class.

11. Be aware when training in the outside venues that the ground may be uneven so wear appropriate footwear and take care .

12. Care should be taken whilst using training lines in class especially as dogs are moving around.

13.The payment terms are as listed under fees on the website. Failure to keep to these terms may lead to a loss of your place on a course.

14. Please be aware that some of the training equipment is heavy and should only be moved by an instructor.

15. Care should be taken around training poles and cones as they can be a trip hazard.

16. Any photographs / video taken during training of the dogs by towers dog training staff. Remain the property of Towers Dog Training and may be used in advertising.