One to One Private Dog Training

One-to-one lessons are to cater for the owner who perhaps wants that individual attention. Or who has a specific issue with their dog. Sometimes it is easier to deal with the dog in a one-to-one situation until both the dog and owner feel more comfortable being introduced into a class situation.

We can hold these lessons at either your house, local park or at the training ground after classes. These can be booked through either our Salisbury or Herne centres


Single 1 x 1 hour lesson £60

Midi: 3 x 1 hour lessons £170
Super: 5 x 1 hour lessons £280


Benefits of one-to-one dog training

The benefits of having a one to one is that we are able to see the individual in there natural enviroment and perhaps see what is triggering the negative behaviour in situ. Sometimes it is easier to tailor the training exercises specifically to your day to day life .Therefore incorperating them in such a way that they fit around your hectic lifestyle.

Following our visit we will provide you with a detailed summary of what we have covered and detailed exercises or options for you to continue with in your own time. We will also discuss with further training options for example starting group training or follow up 1 to 1 training combined with exercises to be completed in your own time. We also offer a two week follow up consultation via e mail .This will give you the opportunity ask any questions that you had forgotten during the one to one. It also enables you to touch base in the early days of your individual training.

Always remember Help is never far away.

private dog training classes

Professional Dog Training Tips

Focus Training

Focus training is an important exercise to master. It is the cornerstone of most of the exercises that we do.It is also a very useful tool to use in behavioural adjustment training.  It can also be used to settle your dog down and leave him less stressed.

We start the dog in the sit position facing the handler. We can use food or a toy to attract the dogs attention but for the purpose of this explanation we will use a tasty treat. With the dog in the sit position hold the treat level with your nose. As the dog looks at the treat / your eyes mark the behaviour with the word “good”. Then immediately deliver the treat to the dog.

As the dogs ability develops introduce a command as he looks at you. Use “watch me ” as your command. As the dog improves start moving the treats to one side away from your face. Wait for him to look back at you mark the behavior with the word “good” as before. Start using the “watch me” command with the food in this position.  Now progress by positioning the dog in the heel position beside you. To proof the exercise it is necessary to conduct the exercise in various locations and with increasing distractions. These will include doing the exercise on the move and or with other dogs or people around.

But remember do not rush the exercise and always finish on a high with the dog succeeding. Train little and often to succeed                          .