About Towers Dog Training

Dave Tapper – Owner and head instructor

I have always had a strong association with animals from my childhood living on a small farm in Australia to present day. I can still remember training my first dog Licka a Kelpie cross. Training techniques have definitely changed over the years.

I rekindled my love of dogs some 15 years ago when we bought Jak our Border Collie. What a steep learning curve that was. If only I had a pound for every person that said owning a Collie is easy as they are so smart. That is only half the story. Those early days and taking him to dog training lessons held by a Kent police instructor formed the foundation for starting my dog training career.

In 2012 I went and volunteered with another local trainer and started to learn what it was like to actually teach owners. I loved the interaction with them and seeing how both they and their dogs grew in confidence. Over the next couple of years I concentrated on getting as much experience as I could. I also started to study and work on my formal qualifications.

In 2014 I drove past Canterbury Garden Centre and saw an unused secure field. My first thought was training field. So after a brief meeting Towers Dog Training had their own base. The bond between Canterbury Garden Centre and Towers Dog Training has gone from strength to strength.

Through the years I have worked hard and built up both experience and qualifications – IMDT instructor, The College of scent dogs Tracking instructor and Scentwork instructor and UK sniffer dogs along with many other courses relating to behaviour, training and scentwork.

In January 2024 I opened our second branch in Salisbury Wiltshire. Whilst still keeping our hugely successful training centre in Herne in Kent. 

Herne will still maintain our main stream group classes as well as behavioural consultations, puppy home visits and specialist scentwork courses. We will cover an area including Herne Bay, Canterbury, Faversham, Birchington, Margate and Ramsgate.

Salisbury will concentrate on Puppy Kindergarten classes, Scentwork classes, Behavioural consultations, training one to ones as well puppy home visits and tracking will also be taught on a one to one basis. We will cover Salisbury, Amesbury, Porton, Downton, Ringwood, Tisbury, Wilton, The Wallops, Stockbridge, Romsey, Tidworth and Andover.

As always my ambition is to provide the best possible service to both my clients and their dogs.




Reward Based Training

Handlers are taught to use clickers to mark the behaviours that they want to reward. We teach how dogs use their nose and what factors can affect the scent. Search techniques will be used in various scenarios as both the dog’s and handlers skills develop.

Whilst your dog is working you see them become totally engrossed in their search. We have found that fearful dogs actually can gain confidence by working and succeeding.

All of our lessons are one-hour duration and the courses comprise six lessons. Owners will be expected to carry on the training in their own time to develop the skills to progress in the course.

Sniffer Academy Courses

Towers Dog Training offer a set of scentwork courses designed to engage dogs and owners regardless of their level. Click a course and get in touch to discuss how we can help.

Dog training in herne

Sniffer Novice

Sniffer Improver

Super Sniffer